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Floating Bluetooth Speaker Review: Achievement in the Music World

With the Floating Bluetooth Speaker Review, you raise your music experience to a complete new level not just in terms of portability, but also in terms of sound quality and lucidity.

The ICE ORB Floating Bluetooth Speaker comes with a high-class speaker system that allows you play songs at extremely high level of volume without even the subtle of noise or distortion. You have ensured that the orb spinning neither compromise on clarity nor on sound quality but just leaves you with a jaw-dropping music experience.

Floating Bluetooth Speaker Features

The Incredible Orb

This amazing floating Bluetooth speaker, gravity-defying orb is not just a piece wonderfully designed, but it is also a piece of art made to perfection. The spinning orb arrives with an amazing speaker system that permits you to play songs at very high volume even without any distortion or noise. The orb can be utilized as a detached Bluetooth speaker and can be approved as a portable speaker without any base!

A Music ‘Powerhouse’ Literally

The ICE Orb’s base is a sleek 25mm thick round base that flies your Orb away beautifully in the air. Besides from this wonderful function, the base arrives with an integrated USB port that has been seamlessly built in to allow you charge your Smartphones and Tablets when the base is associated to a direct power source. It hence makes your ICE Orb an all-in-one Music hub that not just allows you to listen to music but also charge your smart devices simultaneously.

Bluetooth and NFC

Has various connectivity options such as Bluetooth and NFC to ensure none of your smart gadgets are left out when it comes to connecting with the ICE Orb.

Charging Dock

The base, once paired to a direct power source can be utilized as a charging dock for Smartphones and Tablets.

360° Sound

Has a circular speaker system spinning in 360°, ensure everyone in the room finds the perfect uncompromising music quality ever.

Dynamic Stabilization Mechanism

When we see the technology behind this recent marvel, there is a lot more than it actually meets the eye. The ICE Orbs arrives with a revolutionary upcoming generation Dynamic Stabilization mechanism that shows the stability of Orb using the four blue indicators.



About the Product – ICEORB Portable Wireless Floating Bluetooth Speaker Review

  1. Floating Bluetooth Speaker in the air with 10mm land clearance

  2. Particular sound lead cone designed to enhance 3D surround effect

  3. This Orb is spinning over a magnetic base

  4. Integrated NFC function – any tablet or Smartphone with NFC function can connect automatically

The Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker is one such pretty Bluetooth speaker that defies and challenges the conventional techniques of listening to Music. With a floating Orb and a base able of doubling as a charging dock, the ICE Orb is way more than simply a style statement – it’s the future of Music gadgets, today!

Product Details

Release Date June 30, 2015
Product Dimensions 5.9 x 3.7 x 2.6 inches; 2 pounds
Item model number ICEOrbWhiteBlue
Weight 3.6 pounds