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JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker Review: Handy Audio-Visual Treat

One or the other type, we all love music; there is no one who would say that he/she doesn’t feel allied with any sort of music. We have an array of equipments these days to jam up our music leisure for taking it to another level however, speakers are the ones that enhances the impact to the best.  

Well if you love music and always at the edge to buy advent grade gadgets then you are sure like to read our JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker review ! The Bluetooth speakers are a visual treat along with being portable musical equipment.

Have you ever thought of seeing sound rather just listening to it? Well interestingly, the JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker lets you do the same. The speaker comes in the shape of a cylindrical Jambox with a multi LED light. There are five pre-programmed display options, manual controls and seven colors.


JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker: High Recital Audio With Enticing Visuals

The design of the devices turns it into an enticing piece, for the views or we could say the listeners. The highly quirky and appealing visual features of the speaker bestows a not to JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker review. Whether it a residential place or other the portable device fits, all needs for music be as good as it gets.

There is zero to minimal distortion with built in bass port. Along with being a visual treat, JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker is also a high performance device. The compact speaker is 3-inches in width and 7 inches in length with weight, that is not more than one pound.

Wireless connectivity of the speaker adds another great perquisite for the users. One could easily listen up to their favorite playlist songs from devices as phones, laptops or other smart devices with Bluetooth connectivity.

You can grab the speaker in one hand to take it to your car, office or any place where you wish to grove to your favorite tunes.

The device comes up with brilliant battery life of 10 hours just for audio and five hours with the visual effects. A standard Micro-USB port charges the JBL Plus. The process of paring the device is effectively simpler; you just need to hit the link button on the top of the device, followed by going to your phone’s Bluetooth menu, and you are good to go.

The JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker also supports NFC Bluetooth pairing, which even enable android users (NFC enabled android)to enjoy the music.


Pulse Bluetooth Speaker Review: Pros and Cons

Besides the Bluetooth connectivity, you even have the option to enjoy music via a standard 3.5mm Auxiliary audio connection cord. This feature opens many doors for the user to exploit a wide variety of non-Bluetooth enable devices for enjoying music.

Well amid the wide assortments of its perks the speaker isn’t a great choice for those who wish to play loud voice music in open spaces, where the small size of the device becomes a limitation.

All in all JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker review is concerned, we would say that JBL speaker is a high performance device with compact and portable size and hassle free wireless connectivity. Those who are in quest of a small sized portable speaker should indeed go ahead for JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker.

Specifications of  JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker

Type Mobile Speaker
Model Id Pulse
Configuration 1 Channel
Audio Features  
Signal-to-Noise-Ratio 80dB
Amplifier Yes
Other Features Stereo Punch with Clear and Powerful Sound, Built-in Bass Port, Built-in Audio, Room-Filling Sound 
Frequency Response 105 - 20,000 Hz (Satellite)
Headphone Jack Yes
Additional Features  
Audio Wattage 6 Watts
Voltage 3.7 volts
Wattage 12 volts