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The Fault in Our Stars Book Review: A Beautiful Ride of Emotions

The young and renowned author John Green’s Adult Fiction book, The fault in our stars is an amazing take on a girl’s life (Hazel) who falls in love with a boy named Augustus however sadly the girl suffers the lethal disease cancer.

The book features a beautiful story where Augustus and Hazel deal with her deadly cancer and their undying love. John Green has done a remarkable job as the story has been penned magnificently and is a breathtaking take.

The Fault in Our Stars: Story of Love in Grief, Blended With Joy

Besides the believable characters of the book, the whole plot is written magnificently and the book makes the reader totally fall in love with the characters as well as emotions depicted. The philosophical stint of the book brings the gist of life and death merged in darkness and despair. The fault in our stars book is not a gloomy novel in which one feels weary in midway or towards the end.  

the fault in our stars

The Fault in Our Stars: John Green’s Recommended Magnum Opus  

The film adaptation also proves the brilliance and connectivity of the heart-touching love story with masses. Where on the one hand it walks joining hand with pity and grief, on the other hand the story pulls out a lot of amusing and fantastic scenes. Despite tickling the funny bones, it teaches the meaning of life and it discuss philosophical issues all along the same.

As far as the fault in our stars book review is concerned, the book is highly recommended. If you like, the genera in which the story of the book falls, then you should move ahead towards the novel without having any double. Just get on to the roller coaster of multiple emotions with the fault in our stars!

the fault in our stars review