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Google Chromecast Review: Revolutionizing HD Displays

The first-ever wireless streaming accessory, Google Chromecast released for the first time in 2013. The digital media player was a HDMI dongle in 2.83-inch size, which has the competence to directly stream and play audio/video content on a HD display via internet or Wi-Fi. Later the other competitors as Teewe, Esycast came into existence.

The small gadget, Google Chromecast HDMI streaming media player though appears small however it connects to Television via a HDMI port. Through an effortless paring process, Chromes connects to home Wi-Fi network. This small, competent and premium device gives the user an prospect to enjoy web content and connectivity over a high definition display or monitor.

There are two ways by which Google Chromecast could stream content to a television set i.e. through web apps or mobile apps. This gadget also allows off line video streaming for this- one could go to YouTube connecting the PC or Phone and press cast button in order to download videos to the Chromecast directly.


Apps and Supports for Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast HDMI streaming media player, works only with Android devices with 4.4.2 or later versions. Such Cell phones could be monitored with the dongle to mirror the screen and its elements on the Television screen.

 This device is even compatible for apps such as Popcorn Time and Eros Now offering a huge collection of content for the users. However, US’ app inventory is a little bit wider with apps like YouTube, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Netflix, and HBO.The media device is inexpensive along with being top notch in its design and build quality. All you need to turn your HD displays into smarter TVs is a HDMI equipped TV and the small wonder Google Chromecast.

The dongle supports not only android devices but also iOS. Content Streaming via apps compatible with the dongle helms direct streaming from the internet. However, the case of mirroring browser tab, involves heavy network trafficking.

The performance of the dongle is directly proportional to the network; flaky network affects the performance as well. The digital media device comes with a remote and a menu.


Compact Device with Superior Build Quality and Functionalities

The users could connect tablet, PC, or smart phone to TV via Chromecast without the need to connect the whole device. Thus along with its functionality, its compatibility is another facet that gives a good assessment to Google Chromecast review by its users. Plex offers the contingency to watch your videos saved on HDD with ease. This only requires setting up the Plex server on the device. Next using the Plex app on the device would allow you to play all your videos on Chromecast.

Furthermore, Google Chromecast can also be exploited for additional entertainment in the form of Chromecast games. The phone could be used as a control for playing multiple games.

All things considered, we would say that if you wish to connect your TV to your devices then Google Chromecast is probably the finest option to do it hastily and free of any hustle. Though the device is a bit more expensive than its competitors however it gets a hold of much higher build quality than other.

Specifications of Google Chromecast

Width 2.83 inches
Depth 1.38 inches
Weight 0.07 pounds
Android Gingerbread  2.3 or higher
Maximum Video Resolution 1080p
Wi-Fi Yes
Media Streaming Chromecast