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Blood Sugar Monitor Review: Take Care of Your Sugar Level

A glucose monitor is nothing but a medical device for assessing the approximate concentration of glucose or sugar in the blood. This Blood Sugar Monitor Review is the key element of HBGM (Home Blood Glucose Monitoring) for people with hypoglycemia or diabetes mellitus. Just a small drop of blood, received by pricking the skin with a lancet, is kept on a disposable test stripe that the meter reads and utilizes to evaluate the blood glucose or sugar level.

One touch select glucose monitor via Johnson & Johnson allows you to monitor your regular blood sugar level at home. Its easy usability makes it a unique product of great value. It is easy to operate and gives accurate results. It only needs 1 micro-liter blood and gives results in just few seconds.

The blood sugar monitor does not need any setup and can be taken anywhere you go. It’s a recommended option by doctors for its constantly accurate results. With the help of high-low alarm reference card, it lets your doctor modify your action plan giving you power to better understand what steps to start with. It allows you to download all the results on your computer. It has a huge display for improved visibility and a memory recall of 350 results.

Blood Sugar Monitor helps you in minimizing the pain and problem of testing by giving quick and accurate results that need just a little drop of blood. 

Features of Blood Sugar monitor Review

Easy to Use

It is a very simple one touch programming based device that has no setup, no coding and no buttons and this ‘One Touch Select Simple’ has an icon-driven interface. Only insert the stripe to start, apply the blood sample and the outcome can be received in a matter of seconds.

Audio Alerts and High-Low Color

With audio alerts and colors, you are indicated when blood sugar levels are very high, high or low.

High-Low Alarm Reference Card

This device allows your doctor to tweak your action plan that empowers you for better understanding on what exact steps to follow, when alerted of very high or low sugar levels. So you can deal with hyper- and hypo-glycemic episodes instantly, depending on your doctor’s advice.

Quick Results

An accurate result find in only 5 seconds.

Free Lifetime Replacement

Benefit of free lifetime replacement on registering your meter.


Specifications of Johnson & Johnson One Touch Select Blood Sugar Monitor Review with 10 Stripes Glucometer (White)


Model Number



Johnsons & Johnsons

Number of Lancets


Number of Strips


Minimum Blood Sample Required

0.5 microlitre

Battery Requirements

1 x


Warranty Period


Warranty Summary

Sugar Monitor

Covered in Warranty

Only Monitoring Device

Not Enclosed in Warranty

All except device

Warranty Servicing

Service Center