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Fitastic S2 Fitness Band Review: The Digital Trend to Maintain Fitness

As it is said “The key to wellness is to accept personal responsibility for your health and well being”, which means to remain fit and strong you need to incorporate healthy aspects in your daily routine. Keeping this in mind Fitbit has launched a fitness tracker band named as Fitastic S2 Fitness Band. It measures the step counting and heart-rate tracking, thus providing a valuable statistics of your everyday routine.

The Fitastic Fitness Band is built to count your steps, number of calories burnt, distance covered during the day and your active minutes in a day. It is designed in such a way that you feel comfortable all day without having any feeling of wearing anything on your hand. Now let us take a look at the specifications and Fitastic S2 Fitness Band review.

Transforming you, Fitastic S2 Fitness Band - Review and Features:

Features and design-

In addition to the heart-rate sensor, the fitness band also includes a 3-axis accelerometer, an altimeter, and a vibration motor for silent alarms. This technology comes with .83 inch wide elastomer band which is available in four different colours: black, plum, blue and tangerine. The watch buckle has an easy adjustable band which makes it easier to wear, but to make the fit even more personalized the band comes in three sizes: small, large, and extra large.

When it comes to health and fitness metrics, the Fitastic S2 Fitness Band is one of the most preferred products. It displays the time, counts steps, tracks mileage, and calculates number of calories burned, records exercise time and intensity and thanks to the altimeter that keeps track of the number of “floors” you climb. It also monitors your sleep quality automatically. All of these metrics are clearly viewable on its blue OLED display.

Fitbit refers the band as a heart-rate feature “Pure Pulse.” This optical heart-rate sensor, located on the back of the band, logs your pulse 24/7. It allows calculate accurate calorie-burn count, and gives a detailed feedback on your exercise intensity. Its silent vibration alarm can be programmed with up to eight different repeating alarms via Fitbit’s free smartphone app.

The dashboard features brightly coloured, graphically alluring representations of steps taken, resting heart rate and current heart rate, miles travelled, minutes active, floors climbed, calories burned, and hours of sleep. Current weight, food consumption, and water intake can also be logged manually. When a run, hike, or walk session is logged, it uses the phone’s GPS to show distance travelled and pace, the band displays the heart-rate monitor to graph out time spent in the different heart-rate zones.

Performance and Use-

Fitbit’s Fitastic S2 Fitness Band has become one of our favourite fitness tracking device. You can turn on the phone’s Bluetooth and pair the band with the phone by entering a code that appears on the band’s display. You need to answer only a few profile questions  like gender, height, weight, age and then it is all set to start the fitness band.

The Fitastic S2 Fitness Band functions more like a digital watch. It doesn’t have a stopwatch, but it does show the time after the button is pressed on the left side of the watch, or with two quick taps on the face of the display. This fitness band helps us to stay fit and healthier.

Battery life-

Fitbit says that the band contains lithium-polymer battery that lasts up to five days on a charge. Those who need message can even receive an email or SMS reminder when the band needs to be charged.

On the whole Fitastic S2 Fitness Band is an activity tracker which helps us to check the status of our daily regime and routine. This helps us to stay fit and pay attention towards our fitness and health related concerns. It acts as a trainer which alarms us when we become lazy or sleepy; it vibrates and alerts us to be fit and healthy. So, to stay healthy and fit buy this great fitness band which monitors and alerts our daily routine.

Eat healthy! Feel better!