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HP 14-v015TU Notebook Review: Discovering the Way to Creativity

Gone are the days when you required a desktop at work, a desktop at home, or carry heavy laptops for travel. With the increasing growth of technology we have come up with much lighter, more portable laptops with higher performance than ever before. Processors are so advanced these days that almost all laptops have become more efficient and faster.

And HP is one of the brands which has included these aspects thus delivering the finest products to the consumers.HP covers everything from ultrabooks to servers, from Windows 8 to virtualization, HP has delivered the best and apt gadgets in the industry and one of which is HP 14-v015TU Notebook.

HP laptops have, of late, started including bright colours in their new models of laptops and notebook. The latest HP 14 notebook pc also is updated with different colour like red the vibrant red, as HP calls it, on the lid and the underside attracts attention. The matte black on the keyboard deck and the bezels around the screen contrasts well with the colour red.

HP builds quality products that are amazing and affordable. After all the aspect let’s take a sneak peak on HP 14-v015TU Notebook Review.

HP 14-v015TU Notebook Review: Changing the View of Living

The HP14-v015TU notebook is powered by a fourth-generation Intel Core i3 dual-core processor charged at 1.9 GHz, and is paired with 4 GB RAM. The notebook comes with a 1 TB hard drive and Windows 8.1 is preloaded in it.

Bright and gleaming screens have rather become a trend in laptops, because the glass layer above the display makes the colours look better.

The HP14 notebook pc is 14-inch screen with 1,366x768 pixels, fairly toned down colours and good text rendering makes it equally comfortable for reading text and watching movies. The text is clear and crisp, and there is no distortion around the alphabets.

Keyboards have been HP’s strong point, and that feature is carried forward to this notebook as well. The style layout is very conducive for quick typing and there is a consistent response from each key. Even the spacing has been done nicely so as to avoid the clumsy aspect.

The battery life is also impressive. At constant the battery lasts for 150 minutes .HP has priced the notebook at an affordable and cost effective factor.

Overall, it is the best option for anyone who is considering a laptop for basic use or day to day work. The performance is consistent, offers a good battery life and is the multitasking powerhouse of HP Pavilion.So, go grab your HP 14-v015TU Notebook and explore the world inside you.

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