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Kindle Paperwhite Review: Apt for All the Book Lovers

For all the bookworms Kindle Paperwhite is an excellent gadget that it crafted and designed to matchup their all needs. Its small screen, light weight and e-ink display are some of the most special features that make it hit the best place in the list. The kindle lets the booklovers download magazines, eBooks, documents and newspapers to take all the need handy along during the need.

The device comes with 2GB build-in storage and accessibility to browse text based websites on the web. It boasts 212-ppi resolution and a 25% faster processor that makes it gain high on its performance. The Kindle Paperwhite is small in size and weights only 206 grams that makes it handy to use and carry anywhere, anytime. The device stocks up e-reading experience for the e-readers. It backlight adds oodles to its applicability bestowing Kindle Paperwhite review, a stamp of approval from most of the book lovers.

As far as the screen resolution and display is concerned, it gives out remarkable touch as well as display traits. The micro USB port, a power button and the LED indicator for charging are the only buttons provided at the body of the device. Matte finish at the back makes it easy to bold offering grip. Display provide utmost competence to read e-book anywhere even under the sun.

It has great contrast and a 16-level grey scale. The device provides a top notch reading experience with sharp text, which would make you deem that you have been reading a paper book. Amazon has built the touch panel of Kindle Paperwhite 19% tighter to make it especially responsive.  



Kindle Paperwhite: Imposing Display as Well as Battery Life

The book could be easily sorted according to author, title or recently read book as per convenience. Users could effortlessly keep track of their currently books, purchase books and the point until where they have read the book. The home screen of the e-reader also administer few recommendations which could be purchased. Along with reading e-books the secondary menu also bestows options to alter font size, font type, margins and line spacing.

 While reading a book it also shows record how many percentage of the book has been done and page number as well. Interestingly it also encompasses an Oxford dictionary, reader could tap and hold a word, which would provide a popup with dictionary, X-ray and Wikipedia options.

Storage that Allows 1100 Books in Kindle Paperwhite

New generation e-readers also comes with FreeTime which boasts options to parents for encouraging their kids towards learning. Book warms could also get easy access to Goodreads social network for connecting and sharing their review about the books. There are even 3G enabled versions of the Paperwhite that provides unlimited access of data to the user.

The claimed battery life of the Kindle Paperwhite is one week with moderate use per day. If you asks that how much data you could store in the device then its approx upto 1100 books that’s quite an impressive as well as sufficient.

As far as Kindle Paperwhite review is concerned, we would say that thought there are a lot of options to pick in the market however if you are looking for a book reading experience which is most effective and nearest to the physical book reading then Paperwhite is indeed a good option.